Scalar Wave Generator Software

Use Your Computer to Experiment With Mysterious Scalar Waves

Scalar Wave Generator software generates scalar waves in the audio range. We're going to go into all the details about scalar waves and their mysterious properties here, like zero point energy, levitation, manifestation and more. We assume that if you're reading this, you already know something about scalar waves.

Scalar Wave Sweep Frequency Generator
Scalar Wave Generator

Scalar Wave Generator is a software program that runs on Windows PCs, laptops or tablets. It's the first and only software of it's kind!

Features :

You can use speakers or headphones with the software. For those of you who love working with coils, you can hook the audio output of your PC to an amp and run the scalar waves through coils, sweep through a range of frequencies and watch the strange things that may occur.

It's Accurate. You'll get predictable opposing waveforms as expected.

scalar wave signal sinewave

scalar wave signal test wave

You may have a bunch of things in mind already. We'd like to make a few suggestions for you to try in the scalar wave generator, as far as frequencies...

The Scalar Sweep Frequency Generator has all of the features of a lab grade frequency generator. You can set the step frequency from 0.05 Hz to 5 Hz Steps and the Step Time from 0.5 seconds to 5 minutes. This is great for monitoring results!

It's incredibly easy to use. Anyone can use it and experiment with scalar waves, with absolutely no background in science.

Who knows, you may be the person who finds the frequency that will change the world as we know it! Scalar Wave Generator is only $129!

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Software requires a PC, Laptop or Tablet running Microsoft Windows 7 or later.

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